The First Green Fireball Reported in 1954 Sparks Off UFO Sightings

The First Green Fireball Reported in 1954 Sparks Off UFO Sightings

The headline read “Thousands of people saw a huge fireball light up the dark New Mexico skies tonight”, it was hot off the wires and my friend Jim, from the Long Beach Press Telegram, was reading it to me. It was exactly midnight, September 18 1954 and Jim had woken me to tell me the exciting news.

The story went on to tell about how a “blinding green” fireball the size of a full moon had silently streaked southeast across Colorado and northern New Mexico at eight-forty that night. Thousands of people had seen the fireball. It had passed right over a crowded football stadium at Santa Fe, New Mexico, and people in Denver said it “turned night into day.” The crew of a TWA airliner flying into Albuquerque from Amarillo, Texas, saw it. Every police and newspaper switchboard in the two-state area was jammed with calls. Continue reading