Canada Bolide Meteor 2:15:51 MDST 14MAY2011
(c) 2011 LunarMeteorite*Hunter / Google Earth
Cranbrook, BC Sandia Sentinel Allsky 
Capture of 14MAY2011 Meteor
Rick Nowell at College Of The Rockies, Cranbrook BC, Canada

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada bright white light 1:20 am 14MAY2011
May 14, 2011 1:20 am Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. The bright white light lasted for maybe 3 seconds then a big glowing ball flew across and down and disapeared after about 2 seconds….about one minute later I heard a low rumble…not sure if its related. -Colleen

Kamloops BC  Meteor Green-colored, ~ size of the moon ~1:20 am
I got to see the meteor in Kamloops BC last night at ~ 1:20 while driving home. Green-colored, ~ size of the moon and looked like it ended with lightning .It was amazing to see. Thanks for your website! – Lita G.

Kamloops BC, Canada Large Meteor ~1:20 am 14MAY2011
Guest806 (guest): A meteor was viewed in kamloops bc about 1:20am, and it looked like it collided with a part of the earth, as it burst upon impact. Very cool to watch! it was bigger than the moon.

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada  huge green fireball streaking across the sky between ~01:00-1:30
My name is Jeremy Brisbin and I live in kelowna British Columbia Canada. I am a security guard whom works graveshift and at approx. 0100-0130 on may 14 today I saw a huge green fireball streaking across the sky. It was most impressive for I have never seen such a thing.It looked like real green fire flying behind it. It flew past and disappeared behind the trees heading towards the mountain. Then there was a little flash then a huge one. Really big lit up the sky. It was amazing I turned the radio on right away expecting to here something but nothing? I came home raced onto castanet (local news) but nothing. When it flashed does this mean it hit the ground? Or is there any other people maybe local that I can report this to. I watch the show meteorite men and know these things are wanted maybe. I just need to know if I am supposed to report what I saw. It was truly amazing and mind bending and I can’t believe it  was green. GREEN I have never heard of that before.

Please get back too me with a suggestion thank you
From Jeremy Brisbin
Blown away security guard

Salmon Arm BC huge light with a long tail. ~1:20 am

Guest205 (guest): I saw the meteor in Salmon Arm BC around 1:20a.m. -was sitting at my computer and a huge light with a long tail.Was wondering if it hit the ground as it was still so big when it disappeared behind the hills to the south.Way, way bigger than anything I saw from the Perseides last August!

East Kootenay’s of BC, Canada

Guest126 (guest): At 1:20am May 14th in the East Kootenay’s of BC, Canada, my brother viewed an event from his south-facing mountain-side home near Trail. He describes the very sudden appearance of an extremely bright white object -larger in appearance than the waxing Gibbous Moon. He was outside viewing the moon as it was beginning to set into the trees in the WNW. He states the object burned only brilliant white from his perspective, and that it lit up the entire area to day-light brightness for approximately 3 seconds

Nelson, B.C.
piscesx: Nelson, B.C Canada. May 14th 2011. After 1AM sometime. I was sitting outside and the sky lit up and then saw a few bright flashes following that.Was with a group of people who all noticed and questioned what we just saw. Bothered me all day until i got home and looked it up. thought it might have been some weird kind of lighting even tho there were no clouds –Ana

Guest783 (guest): I saw it too, It was as big a moon falling down to earth! Scary but real!
The color of that thing was totally White and it ignited more light as it travelled down towards the earth. the ammount of light it generated was same as welding machine!! More like white moon light! it was also sparking like it had some kinda fuel in it!! or maybe thermite! end of the world in calgary i guess?

Grand Forks, BC
Sighted in Grand Forks, looking NE towards Christina Lake, early morning, moon-sized meteor with almost vertical trajectory wtih bright tailings of light. Soundless. -tajai
Innisfail, Alberta Bright green light 2:20 am 14MAY2011
Spotted while driving south on Hwy 2 about 5 minutes north of Innisfail, Alberta at approx. 2:20 AM on May 14. Bright green light that fell almost straight down towards the horizon. Cut through or just above some clouds and then seemed to burn out. This was my first sighting and it was just plain amazing!

Cochrane AB  fire ball  ~2:08 am
A Meteor was seen in Cochrane alberta just outside of Calgary at approx: 2:08 am. It was a fire ball with a red streak behind it, happened incredibly fast. Looked as if it had landed in the glenbow school field. It lit up the sky and was very bright, looked like it went straight down. Didn’t feel any movement or hear any bang so I’m assuming it hit somewhere eles.
Lindsey Maire, Cochrane AB

Cochrane, Alberta 2:08 am
It passed cochrane alberta too, at 2:08 am. Bright red didn’t make a noise or anything but lit up the sky pretty good. I wish the news would cover it.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Guest8 (guest): I saw it too; i am in calgary, it was huge, very huge, fell near calgary it went thru the (clouds) could making a hole in it, it made a hole thur the clouds and then cops were everywhere near deerfoot n mcknight !unless that was a check stop LOL, it was more brighter than sun and was changing directions as falling down it almost fell straight down at the end part of it; but it made a hole in the coulds i am sure it fell in calgary.

Red Deer, Alberta bright greenish blue ball ~2:20 am
May 14th Approx 2:20 am. Red Deer, Alberta. Standing outside and happened to notice a fairly large bright greenish blue ball of light? that looked like it was on fire or glowing (hard to explain)…Happened so fast couldn’t believe my eyes but it just appeared to be falling from the sky so fast…Couldn’t hear anything but thought perhaps it hit the earth, it disappeared behind some buildings…CRAZIEST thing I’ve ever saw…And of course nobody was standing outside with me at the time so nobody believed me.

Fort Macleod, Alberta huge bluish green fireball 2:10 a.m May 14,2011
Guest692 (guest):Saw a huge bluish green fireball in the western sky over Fort Macleod Alberta on Saturday, May 14,2011 at 2:10 a.m. It was the brightest one I have ever seen.Thought is fireworks at first. Amazing. –leehsi
Spokane, Washington 1:15 am

Spokane, WA. Around 1:15AM I saw a bright flash in the northern sky that pulsed twice. Following that you could see what looked to be a meteor traveling from south to north. The whole event lasted only a second and made no sound.

Dr. Alan R. Hildebrand, PhD.
Coordinator of the Canadian Fireball Reporting Centre writes:

A bright fireball widely reported (Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Montana,
Idaho, Washington) on early Saturday morning, May 14, 2011 at approximately 08:18:44
UT (2:18 MDT or 1:18 PDT). Skies were cloudy over much of Alberta, BC, and western
Washington or many more reports would probably have been made despite the late hour.
Exact times are a bit in conflict. The camera was recorded by an all-sky camera from
the Cranbrook area (BC) with a spectacular record only damped by clouds late in
flight – recorded flight was between 5 and 6 seconds duration (unknown as yet if this
camera is calibrated). The fireball began high in the Cranbrook sky and apparently
travelled towards the WSW at a moderate incline although both azimuth and elevation angle are uncertain at this time. The fireball fragmented spectacularly near its end in basically two series of flashes (eye witnesses report 
two flashes). A camera in Calgary records these two flashes through clouds at approximately 8:18:47 and :48 UT which leads to fireball occurring from about 8:18:44 to :49, but all potential info on timing not yet sorted. An extraordinary thing
revealed by the Cranbrook recording is an early period of wake formation not
associated with flaring that ends at high altitude with fragmentation beginning at
lower altitude. Although somewhat obscured by clouds, fragments apparently continued
for roughly half second after last flare, and are indicative of surviving material to
fall as meteorites. A meteorite fall is also indicated by witnesses reporting
delayed booms from Cranbrook and Nelson, BC, and the fall area would be indicated
somewhere in vicinity of Nelson, although still uncertain by approx. 100 km (and
could be on US side of border still). This country is mountainous and forested in
large part with relatively narrow valleys with some cleared land and lakes occupying
valley bottoms. The described fireball characteristics and all-sky record indicate a
rock with an initial mass of order 100 kg. Should be lots of serendipitous videos
available in region and a good one to chase – i.e. good potential to determine
trajectory – although general area has a lot of tough ground to search for meteorites
(as most of BC is – spectacular scenery generally equals tough meteorite searching).
Alan 🙂
Alan R. Hildebrand
Coordinator of the Canadian Fireball Reporting Centre