Massive Slow Moving Asteroid Breeches Earth Atmosphere With Significant Fragmentation… List Of Near Earth Objects Growing! Earth Entering Debris Field

There is something going on… earth is appearing to be entering a debris field of sorts… the list of near earth objects is growing, and this is happening for a reason.  This could be a real series of events, or the entire thing could be half true, with a real debris field combined with human tricks and gimmicks like a project bluebeam type of scenario… so take note, and be open… whatever is happening, there is likely to be more of it.

Oh, there’s something going on…. fer shure… the news is chock full of asteroids…

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Tiny Newfound Asteroid Gives Earth a Close Shave 30, 2017
An asteroid the size of a pickup truck narrowly missed Earth late last night (Jan. 29), just hours after scientists first spotted the space rock.

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Is asteroid due to crash into Earth sparking mass tsunamis NEXT … 27, 2017
A HUGE asteroid is due to hit Earth in days destroying cities and curing … The object, known as 2016 WF9, is hurtling towards Earth and is …

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Earth is being PUMMELLED by debris of asteroid COLLISION that … 30, 2017
EARTH is being bombarded by meteorites that came about from an asteroid collision some 466 MILLION years ago, a study has revealed.

Story image for asteroid earth from ExtremeTech

Asteroid discovered hours before it passes between Earth and moon

ExtremeTech-Jan 31, 2017
While you were sleeping last night, an asteroid passed close to Earth—very close. The object is known only as 2017 BH30, and it passed within …

Story image for asteroid earth from Business Insider

An asteroid is about to slip between Earth and the moon — the …

Business Insider-Jan 24, 2017
Less than 3 weeks ago, while America was getting the kids to school and arriving at work, an asteroid the size of a building slipped past Earth …

Story image for asteroid earth from New York Post

A bus-size asteroid is set to whiz by Earth

New York Post-Feb 3, 2017
Earth-ending apocalypse movies always start with sky-gazers spotting an asteroid that nobody knew about until it was too late. If the speedy …

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Asteroid 2017 BX passes close to Earth days after its discovery 31, 2017
Asteroid 2017 BX, nicknamed “Rerun,” was discovered on Jan. 20. The asteroid “skimmed past Earth within the moon’s orbit,” according to …

Story image for asteroid earth from The Indian Express

Scientists working on deflecting asteroids headed for Earth

The Indian Express-Jan 26, 2017
The collision of an asteroid with Earth can have devastating impact but a team of researchers is working out how to deflect the path of an …

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