Dramatic Increase In Fireballs In The Headlines All Over The World

Dramatic Increase In Fireballs In The Headlines All Over The World

As someone who has researched green meteors, there is a reasonable conclusion that many green meteors exhibit curious behavours… more akin to spaceships ‘disguised’ as rocks in space… our galactics tell us we can perceive them by looking deeper in to events that happen above us, that we perceive as lifeless… that is where they are slowly introducing themselves to us… and it appears they are stepping up the green meteor activity.   Some meteors may be associated with a newly coined ‘fireball season’ that may have to do with Nibiru… so when you think of fireballs of meteors… think of dust in space, as well as friendly ET and the effects of Nibiru… https://greenmeteors.wordpress.com/  (When green meteors were first noticed, the americans thought they were russian… this goes back decades!)

Indian in the machine

Story image for fireball sky from The Weather Network

Fireball lights up the sky above Nova Scotia

The Weather Network-Dec 8, 2015
Two fireballs lit up the sky over Nova Scotia on Sunday around 6 p.m., just as Boschat was setting up his camera and telescope from his home …
Story image for fireball sky from ABC News

See the Moment Fireball Streaked Across Night Sky

ABC News-Nov 20, 2015
Check out the moment a meteor zoomed across the night sky, getting bigger and brighter as it moves toward the horizon. Steve Hart, who lives …
Story image for fireball sky from BBC News

Fireball spotted in skies above Armagh

BBC News-Dec 1, 2015
fireball was seen in the sky above Armagh on Sunday evening. … A fireball is a fragment of an asteroid or comet which emits a light as it …
Story image for fireball sky from WISH-TV

Fireball meteor caught live on WPRI-TV morning show

WISH-TV-Dec 7, 2015
“The fireball was very bright because I saw it within that bright bluesky. If the sky was dark, thousands of people would have likely seen it,” said …
Story image for fireball sky from WLWT Cincinnati

Meteor fireball lights up Tri-State skies

WLWT Cincinnati-Nov 20, 2015
People across several states, including Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, reported seeing the fireball shortly before 11 p.m. Some even reported …
Meteor explosion in US? Twitterati mention ‘sonic boom’ after 
International Business Times, India Edition-Nov 19, 2015

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Story image for fireball sky from EarthSky

Early Geminid fireball over Tucson

EarthSky-Dec 4, 2015
Early Geminid fireball – caught December 2, 2015 at 10:34 p.m. … For the Geminids, the highest point in the sky is around 2 a.m. local time.
Geminid meteor shower peaks under dark skies
Astronomy Magazine-Dec 8, 2015

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Story image for fireball sky from Huffington Post

Security Camera Films Meteor Streaking Across Ohio Sky

Huffington Post-Nov 22, 2015
meteor streaked across the Ohio night sky on Thursday — and the spectacular sight was caught on surveillance camera. Footage filmed by …
Story image for fireball sky from ScienceAlert

Fireballs are falling to Earth this week – here’s how to watch them

ScienceAlert-Nov 10, 2015
Compared to other meteor showers, the Taurid meteors are relatively … A single fireball can briefly light up a large chunk of the night sky, and …
Story image for fireball sky from The Weather Channel

Meteor Streaks Across Sky, Wowing Great Lakes Region Onlookers 

The Weather Channel-Nov 23, 2015
When Cincinnati resident Steve Hart looked back at footage from his recently installed surveillance camera, he spotted something he wished …
Story image for fireball sky from Express.co.uk

WATCH: Massive GREEN meteor explodes in burst of lights over 

Express.co.uk-Nov 12, 2015
The falling object was green and blue in colour and left a long tail of light behind it as it streaked across the skies of Chita, near the border with …
Meteor lights up Siberian skies near Chita
International-RT-Nov 12, 2015

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Story image for fireball sky from Santa Fe New Mexican

Passing fireball lights up New Mexico sky

Santa Fe New Mexican-Nov 19, 2015
An 8-inch fragment of a comet blazed orange across the sky at 62,000 miles per hour around nightfall Tuesday in a spectacle that was visible …
Story image for fireball sky from ABC News

Fireball in the Sky Caught on Security Camera

ABC News-Nov 20, 2015
Fireball in the Sky Caught on Security Camera. More. Steve Hart’s security camera captured the streak of light seen over Ohio. 0:24 | 11/20/15 …
Story image for fireball sky from CBC.ca

Taurid meteors, fireballs to light up skies Thursday

CBC.ca-Nov 12, 2015
If you’re lucky enough to be in an area with clear skies tonight, keep your head up because the Taurid meteor shower — best known for its …
Moon takes a back seat, lets Taurid meteor shower shine
The Independent Florida Alligator-Nov 12, 2015

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Story image for fireball sky from The Inquisitr

Huge Fireball Meteor Blasts Heard Over Several U.S. States Spark 

The Inquisitr-Nov 20, 2015
Residents of several states in the U.S. have reported hearing huge blasts in the sky and seeing powerful flashes of light on Thursday, …
Story image for fireball sky from WCPO

Fireball caught on camera in Tri-State overnight

WCPO-Nov 20, 2015
It’s a fireball streaming across the sky and it happened at 10:47 p.m. Thursday. Steve Hart’s security camera shows the meteor coming into the …
Story image for fireball sky from CNN

A few fireworks as mystery object falls to Earth

CNN-Nov 13, 2015
That video shows a fireball followed by a shower of objects against the blue sky. It’s still not entirely clear what the object was, although …
Space junk ‘UFO’ prompts no-fly zone
In-Depth-CNET-Nov 12, 2015

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Story image for fireball sky from Mirror.co.uk

Crashed fireball UFO being ‘investigated by secret agents’ – but 

Mirror.co.uk-Dec 2, 2015
In the convincing footage the green lights from the UFO can be seen shooting through the sky, before it looks as though it has come down …
Story image for fireball sky from Truro Daily News

Bright lights spotted in sky over Truro

Truro Daily News-Dec 7, 2015
“We all saw what looked like a massive fireball high in the sky. It was definitely something that was on fire and it burned up before 6:01. It
Story image for fireball sky from RT

Watch: Green Fireball Shoots Across Sky

Sky News-Nov 3, 2015
… the sky over Thailand is classified as a fireball because of its brightness. … The great, green ball of fire was seen falling in the night sky above …
Awe-inspiring fireball lights up sky over Bangkok (VIDEOS)
Highly Cited-RT-Nov 2, 2015

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Story image for fireball sky from Globalnews.ca

Fireball lights up night sky over much of Saskatchewan

Globalnews.ca-Nov 9, 2015
WATCH ABOVE: At about 8:30 last night a meteor event occurred in the Saskatchewan sky raising many eyebrows. Global meteorologist Peter …
Fireball streaks through sky
International-Castanet.net-Nov 9, 2015
Story image for fireball sky from CNN

Mystery fireball lights up sky over Bangkok

CNN-Sep 7, 2015
Social media in Thailand lit up Monday morning as commuters posted photos and videos of a mystery fireball that briefly illuminated the Thai …
Bangkok meteor sparks fears of asteroid apocalypse
Highly Cited-Sydney Morning Herald-Sep 7, 2015
Meteor lights up Thai skies and web
In-Depth-AsiaOne-Sep 7, 2015
Video of an Extremely Bright Daytime Meteor Over Bangkok
Blog-Slate Magazine (blog)-Sep 7, 2015
Story image for fireball sky from Irish Mirror

Giant fireball left Irish people mystified as it lit up skies across the 

Irish Mirror-Nov 9, 2015
Sharing the clip online, he captioned it: “Bright fireball (most likely a northern Taurid) visible from Kildare at 20:12:47 on November 8 2015.
This giant fireball left Irish people mystified as it lit up skies last night
Belfast Live-Nov 9, 2015

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Story image for fireball sky from RT

Fireball turns sky green over Argentina (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

RT-Jul 30, 2015
A massive fireball soared through the sky over Argentina, triggering a wave of social media posts. The mesmerizing show, which lasted just a …

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