*STUNNING PHOTO* Massive Yellowknife Fireball Looks Like A Spaceship

image: http://www.theufochronicles.com/2014/03/massive-fireball-explodes-over.htmlB4INREMOTE-aHR0cDovLzEuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tLy1zdWpEVFhGVzViWS9VeG9oeXB6YmRMSS9BQUFBQUFBQVdtcy9jWVY4WmpiRjZ3TS9zMTYwMC9NYXNzaXZlK0ZpcmViYWxsK0V4cGxvZGVzK092ZXIrWWVsbG93a25pZmUrMy02LTE0LmpwZw==

 *STUNNING PHOTO* Massive Yellowknife Fireball Looks Like  A Spaceship 

Wow! Look at how big this ‘fireball’ is in relation to the trees!

Folks, many of these fireballs  come from extraterrestrials…. they never fall to earth… they travel in straight lines… they are silent (no sonic boom)… and they first began to appear in the late 1940′s above sensitive military installations, to the point that the us government created Project Twinkle to study what they knew wasn’t random space dust.

  1. Project Twinkle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Project Twinkle may refer to: Project Twinkle, a U.S. Air Force study to investigate the mysterious Green fireballs of the late 1940s; Project Twinkle (album), 


  2. Green fireballs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In December 1949 Project Twinkle, a network of green fireball observation and photographic stations, was established but never fully implemented.


  3. PROJECT 1947: Project Twinkle: Final Report

    Project Twinkle was established to check into these phenomena and their explanation. The gist of the findings is essentially negative. The period of observations 
    The reason why the  fireballs are ignored by mainstream science, is once again, the coverup from the same group of people who coverup anything else worthy to focus on:  911, vaccines, earth changes, volcanic activity, ring of fire activity, the splitting of north america,  the fraudulent financial system, the child sacrifices, the missing aboriginal women of canada, bohemian grove, secret societies, and so on.
    Other fireballs likely come from Nibiru, and from a disturbance in the asteroid belt (also likely caused by Nibiru)… once again a coverup that cannot be contained…. thanks to brave individuals at sites likebeforeitsnews.com.
Certainly we need more earth humans willing to look deeper into the green fireball phenomena, because once we come into understanding of what is causing them, we may lose the fear and ignorance over our off-world visitors… who are gently coming ever more closer to us in consciousness and in the sky, towards a grand reunion.


Thank you for questioning everything… but to support the truth, rather than to discredit the truth simply because cnn or fox didn’t tell you first!

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