Globes Of Green Fire Mentioned In 1952 Life Magazine UFO Article

1952 LIFE Magazine UFO Article
I share this material from the roswellproof website, to demonstrate that over 60 years ago, there were green fireballs being reported and researched… nowadays to due many reasons, there is a lower awareness of pretty much anything important… and a high awareness of that which is trivial.
 from:  I originally put a copy of this famous LIFE Magazine article up on the Internet in 1996.   It mentions a number of the best UFO sightings in Air Force intelligence files to that time, including several from New Mexico, and some sightings and comments from famous scientists, such as astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of Pluto.  Some key items (click on triangle bullets to go to article section):
A description of the famous Chiles-Whitted airline pilot sighting of 1948
(see also 1950 mass sighting of similar object with huge spiral trail)
The “Lubbock Lights” sightings of 1951 involving four scientists and famous photos
Clyde Tombaugh’s 1948 sighting in Las Cruces, N.M. (similar to Chiles-Whitted)
The disk sighting of astronomer Dr. Lincoln LaPaz north of Roswell on July 10, 1947
The “green fireball” phenomenon and La Paz’s comments (his secret investigations on behalf of the Air Force aren’t mentioned) (Declassified documents on the green fireballs)
Comments from German rocket scientist Walter Riedehl
Comments from physicist/aerodynamicist Maurice Biot
A text version of this article with all photos can also be found at the NICAP Website.
IITM:  More recent fireball research:

2 responses to “Globes Of Green Fire Mentioned In 1952 Life Magazine UFO Article

  1. I saw yesterday big fire in the sky suddenly light move from backward to left and the fire starts to go small..and as we watch for a minute its getting big again its really a big fire in the sky and as continue to watch it they become 6 and where about to go coz i feel scared already i did not filmed it but i got 5 of my companion saw and experienced that big light or is that a UFO my first time i sawthat kind a strange kindin the sky

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