Green Meteors Continue To Be Seen In Select Locales….recently, in California on March 14!

Green Meteors Continue To Be Seen In Select Locales….recently, in California on March 14!

Dear world,

Please keep watch over this green meteor phenomena as these green meteors are very likely messages from the universe.  Watch for locations, dates, times, directions and more…. is it possible that these special sightings hold important messages about earth changes, military, ET existence and more?


California Meteor Green Fireball Meteor 6:45 am PDT 14MAR2011
California Green Meteor 14MAR2011 Sighting Locations
(c) 2011 LunarMeteorite*Hunter / Google Earth

California Green Meteor 14MAR2011 Sighting Locations including AMS reports
(c) 2011 LunarMeteorite*Hunter / Google Earth

Anyone else see this event?  We need photos or video of this event; please check your security cameras.

please email Thank you!

Downey, CA  blueish/green ball  approx 6:45 AM.
Mar 14 2011, 11:09 PM

Guest564 (guest): I saw a blueish/grean ball streaking from west to east at a slight downward angle at approx 6:45 AM. I’m in Downey, CA just outside LA. Where can I find more info on these. 

Cypress, California green meteor 6:45 am PDT,
Mar 15 2011, 12:28 AM

Guest293 (guest): 6:45 am PDT, fast,green meteor over Cypress, California headed NNE 

Los Angeles, California green meteor about 6:45pm? (am)?
Mar 15 2011, 1:25 AM

Tiffany Lopez: At about 6:45pm pst I saw a green meteor over Los Angeles. I was on the 8th floor of an office building very close to the Hollywood sign. I saw it come down very low and shining very bright. It was just east of the Hollywood sign. It lasted for a long time and then shot towards the sign. It got brighter and eventually turned orange/yellow and I could see flames coming out of the front. Then it disappeared. 

Three Rivers CA  bright and large fireball  6:45 am Pacific time 14MAR2011
Mar 15 2011, 6:52 AM

Guest276 (guest): 6:45 am Pacific time Three Rivers CA. I saw a very bright and large fireball shooting through the sky for about two seconds 

Valencia, California brilliant green fireball 6:42 am 14MAR2011
Driving to work this morning in Valencia, California heading north on golden valley road I saw a brilliant green fireball traveling horizontally in the dark morning sky at 6:42 am from west to east. It slowly faded out behind the northern mountain ranges. It was much larger than a shooting star and it was not falling to earth. The sighting lasted about six seconds, roughly enough time to know it was much larger than a shooting star and traveling in a slower horizontal path across the sky. Thanks. Figured it was interesting enough to report the sighting. –Chad Erickson

Cypress, California Very fast, green meteor with short (brief) tail 6:45 am (PDT)
Heading NNE
Very fast, green meteor with short (brief) tail
Very low, but did not strike the ground
No sound
Even in morning twilight, it was very bright (three main flashes)
Allan White, amateur astronomer, meteorite hunter

Pasadena Meteor sighting at 06:45 20110314
To whom it may concern,
While driving North on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena I saw a blue green fire ball travel from West to East and drop what looked like behind the San Gabriel Mountains just West of Mt. Wilson at 06:45 PST.
Arnie Acosta

Huntington Beach, California. green light flash 6:45 am 14MAR2011

Reporting that I saw the same green light flash across the northern sky at about 6:45 am from Huntington Beach, California. It was a green dot with a tinge of blue and it traveled from west to east in a brief downward direction with a very slight appearance of arching. It was much larger that a meteor you would see higher in the sky. Certainly a pleasant treat and a stunning way to start the day. –bhoran714

Madera Ca. Bright green Meteor @ 6:45 am. 3/14/11
I was heading south on rd 28 ½ @ ave 21 in Madera Ca. @ 6:45 am. 3/14/11 This object was large and bright green came out of the WNW and was heading ESE. I’ve never seen anything like it, no tail, just large and bright green. –Angelo Ferrari

Artesia, CA bright blue/green streak 6:45am 14MAR2011
Since I’m having no success finding any other information regarding this event (local news, etc.), I am posting my own experience. I was leaving my home in Artesia, CA heading north about to turn left and a bright blue/green streak caught my attention since it was in my direct view. It appeared to come down from west to east and faded out after about three seconds. Verizon cellphone time was 6:45am, as others have noted. I’m no stargazer so this doesn’t mean much but that was the brightest meteorite I’ve ever seen, especially given the dawn light in the sky.
Later in the day a coworker mentioned he saw the same thing and we discussed it, agreeing on the same details above. He too was driving north when he observed it.
Steve D


Burbank, CA clover green fireball 6:45am

I saw the Meteor as well. It was clover green fire, silent and beautiful. I was standing at the cross walk on the corner of Pass and Oak in Burbank at 6:45am and happened to be taking in the morning sky when I looked over just in time to see the brilliant green light fall silently. From where I was standing I would have sworn that it hit Bob Hope airport. A brief time later I heard sirens and thought just maybe it had landed in the area. I looked for local news information throughout the day and haven’t found any. I would love to know what became of it. I feel privileged to have seen it and unknowingly shared the awe of the moment with others.

Fresno, CA
Saw a lightning fast blue orb of light speeding southeast while driving to work on Herndon Avenue, here in Fresno, CA this morning at 6:45 AM – Anon 

San Luis Obispo, Ca Green meteor 6:45am.
Mar 15 2011, 1:02 PM
Guest979 (guest) wrote: San Luis Obispo, Ca Green meteor 6:45am.
I was driving north on US 101 just south of San Luis Obispo city line and saw the green streak across from East to West. I saw it burn out and what appeared to be some smoke remained after the burn-out.

Camarillo, CA
harmony71 wrote: I saw a bluish ball falling from the sky today at around 6:45a.m. Any reports on that. I live in Camarillo, CA.

Santa Clarita, CA to Palmdale on the 14 bright white/blue color 6:45 am
Was driving from Santa Clarita to Palmdale on the 14. Had just crested the mountain pass and had a good view of the Palmdale valley around 6:45 am when my carpool and I saw the meteor. It was a very bright white/blue color (we thought it was an airplane coming in to land), but it was moving at the wrong downward angle and way too fast. We both gasped because we thought we were about to witness a plane crash, then it flashed a brighter color (with a little bit of orange) and disappeared before it hit the ground (about eye level with where we were driving through the mountains). That’s when I realized it was the brightest meteor I have ever seen. So.. for those curious…I think it ended up somewhere in the Antelope Valley.
I just talked to my husband and he said he saw the same meteorite around the same time while sitting on our porch in Santa Clarita in the morning before work. He said it was going from West to East. That’s when I figured I’d look things up to see if others saw the same thing. – Amber W.

Thousand Oaks, CA March 14,2011 at 6:45am
Thousand Oaks, CA March 14,2011 at 6:45am – I saw it ! Appeared to be moving from Thousand Oaks to Simi Valley area. I have never seen a meteor – an amazing site to see. –Anon

Westwood (L.A.) California
Guest615 (guest): 14 March ca. 6:40AM,Westwood (L.A.)California, looking due north saw very bright bluish green meteor streaking from west to east quite low on the horizon.

Thank you all for your reports!

Anyone else see this event?  We need photos or video of this event; please check your security cameras.
please email Thank you!




2 responses to “Green Meteors Continue To Be Seen In Select Locales….recently, in California on March 14!

  1. pittsburgh,pa March 30th 2011 around 1 am. I just saw I green shooting star falling from the sky point directly downward. Lasted 3 seconds. No sound and quickly vanished.

  2. Last night December, 08 2011 about 11:20pm in Camarillo, I saw a neon green light streak downward like a shooting star only faster. And it was an amazing neon green color. Bright, but did not have ambient light. And then it was gone as quick as it appeared. It was so strange to me I wondered if I may have been “seeing things”. But my dog was with me, and he was just staring into the same space that I saw the light. We watched the sky for a few seconds, then there was a flash of light in the sky behind us, both the dog and I turned our heads toward it quickly, but there was nothing there. One thing to note is that there was a plane that I noticed in the sky near where the green streak ended.

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